Terms & Conditions


Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. In the event of goods arriving damaged or broken, or received in error, please see our “Returns / Exchanges” policy.

In any event,  DO NOT REFUSE DELIVERY as unnecessary expenses and charges will apply. Since most products are “specially ordered” for our customers, cancellations almost always incur additional charges by our distributors for restocking, shipping and handling expenses. These will range between 15-25% of the order, so please make your selection carefully. Imports and some special orders, once processed, CANNOT be refunded or returned to the company.



In the event that your order has NOT been processed or shipped by us or our vendors, we will happily refund your payment in full. In the event that we or our vendors have unalterably processed or shipped the order restocking & service fees will be applied.

Any fees from orders shipped or processed in error will be absorbed by us with no charges to you. No order will be considered cancelled unless you have received an email confirmation from us.


While we take great pains to be accurate in price and product information, we sometimes err. We reserve the right to adjust (in consultation with you, our customer) the price when posted in error. Also, product color and tone may vary from onscreen images and is not always perfectly accurate. We encourage all our customers to see the product in real life before making their selection. Of course, you are cordially invited to visit us at our showroom to see the products shown online as well as many more additional items